Team 1


Lecturer EPHE

Contact: francoise.trousse(at) / francoise.trousse(at)

Phone: 04 67 14 48 30

Team 1: Vieillissement cérébral et maladies neurodégénératives


  • Pr. Bovolenta P., CBMSO, CSIC-Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, (CIBERER), Spain

  • Pr. Allard M., Dr. Catheline G., Pr. Micheau J., INCIA, Bordeaux

  • Dr. Bassem Hiba, RMSB, UMR 5536 CNRS/Université de Bordeaux 2

  • Pr. Riedel G., School of Medical Sciences, University of Aberdeen, U.K


My research has focused on the development of the nervous system and particularly the role of morphogens in the induction of oligodendrocytes in the chicken neural tube (Ph.D., University Paul Sabatier, P. Cochard, Toulouse, 1998) and in the specification and differentiation vertebrate eye (post-doc, P. Bovolenta, Instituto Cajal-CSIC, Madrid, 1998-2002). Back in Toulouse for a second post-doc (CBD-CNRS, C. Soula, 2003-2006), I studied the function of Glial cell missing gene (Gcm) during vertebrate neurogenesis. In January 2007, I was hired as an Assistant professor at the EPHE, laboratory MMDN. My line of research has focused on the developmental function of an inflammatory protein, Regenerating Islet-1 derived (Reg-1a) expressed early in the central nervous system and found as aggregates in the brain of patients with Alzheimer's disease. Currently my research theme seeks to understand the implication of Reg-1a in neurodegenerative process-related tauopathies from transgenic and cell models.