team 3: longevity and vitality


The team is interested in the limits of longevity and the heterogeneity of individual trajectories of ageing. Two major issues drive us. The first is to understand the links between health and longevity at population and individual levels. Which selective mechanisms link longevity to the functional health of survivors, nonagenarian and centenarian? The second issue is to identify within the trajectories of ageing and many determinants, modifiable factors that contribute the most favourable trajectories over different dimensions of well-being and quality of life (QoL).

The team is therefore concerned: (i) to understand the dynamics of the longevity revolution underway in the most advanced countries in transitions and the consequences for individuals and society; (ii) identify among all trajectories those that are most favourable to the well being and QoL of survivors, without prejudice of a particular model of "successful ageing", these models having been developed before one becomes aware the longevity revolution; and (iii) to identify modifiable factors that can positively impact the different trajectories. Among these factors, we are particularly interested in nutritional and metabolic factors and psychiatric factors such as depression. Among the dimensions of well being and QoL, we focus on the physical and cognitive abilities, mobility and social participation. We attach great importance to the new models of frailty and vulnerability that seem well suited to these new stages of life.

For this, we combine life and population sciences approaches (biostatistics, demography and epidemiology). We use cohort data covering different exposure windows, in particular in the very high ages.


Jean-Marie Robine, scientific officer


Demographer, Research Director Inserm, and Professor at EPHE
Cermes3 et MMDN (U1198), Associate Researcher, Ined (MSE)

Contact: jean-marie.robine(at)

Phone: 04 67 14 33 85


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